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Ultra stretchy cock ring with variable speed bullet. Many men aren't exactly positive what their size is. That's why they lean more towards stretch cock rings, because it can easily capture the penis size once put on. And stretchy cock rings are perfect for beginners. For the couple that enjoys double penetration, the Double Penetrator Dong and Cock Ring with wireless, multi-speed bullet for testicular or clitoral stimulation is just what you need to add a third person without all the hassle.

For a stretchy cock ring, this one by Screaming doesn't only look awesome, but it feels great against the penis and it has a vibrator attached to it. The rubber material makes it easy to slip onto the penis and the multi-speed vibrator can give both you and your partner the best orgasm during sex.

For the vibrating rings, they feature "bullets." Some bullets are in the shape of nubs, or vertical attachments, that gives more pleasure to the clitoris during penetration. Cock rings with an attached dildo are for double penetrations that can result to better and hotter sex for you and your partner.

The 3 speed vibrating bullet, is cleverly housed, in a position pleasure ring for men that offers clitoral stimulation for enhanced pleasure. The Double Penetrator Cock Ring is made of a firm yet flexible rubber and measures a comfortable 5.5 inches in length and 1.25 inches in diameter, making it perfect for vaginal or anal play.

The Fantasy C-Ringz Double Penetrator cock ring by Pipedream Products is as much fun as it sounds. Jelly double-penetrator cock ring. The Double Penetrator Cock Ring is for the woman who wants more and the man who wants to give her just that. The best double penetration toys can help ease you in, especially if you're a first-timer.

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